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Which VPN works in Turkmenistan?

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Turkmenistan is known to have one of the strictest internet censorship regimes in the world. The government heavily controls the country’s telecommunications and internet infrastructure and frequently blocks websites and social media platforms that are critical of the regime or promote information on human rights issues.

Websites related to political opposition, independent media outlets, human rights organizations, and social networking sites are often blocked. The government also monitors online activities and has detained and harassed individuals for online expression.

The use of VPNs and other circumvention tools is restricted in the country, and the government has been known to take measures to prevent residents from using these tools to access blocked content.

Does GalaVPN work in Turkmenistan?

Although VPN use is restricted in Turkmenistan, as we focused on restricted areas like Iran, Turkmenistan, Russia, and China, we had a working service in such areas.

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